Editorial Board

The editorial base of the IBD Group is undergoing staffing changes that will be finalized in early 2020.

In the meantime, the Abdomen & Endocrine Network, of which the IBD Group is a member, will oversee the Group's content.

Please email cochraneIBD@cochrane.org to contact the Network with any queries regarding editorial processing.

Andreanne Zizzo [Canada]
Antje Timmer [Germany]
Anthony Akobeng [Qatar]
GY Zou [Canada]
John McDonald [Canada]
John Marshall [Canada]
Laurent Peyrin-Biroulet [France]
Mahmoud Mosli [Saudi Arabia]
Morris Gordon [UK]
Pieter Hyndryckx [Belgium]
Caleb Higdon [Canada]
Christine Fyfe [Canada]
Denisa Weinstein [USA]
Jonathon Brown [UK]
Katherine Wale [UK]
Katie LeBlanc [Canada]

Hand searchers
Denisa Weinstein [USA]
Donald MacIntosh  [Canada]
Hilary Steinhart [Canada]
John MacDonald [Canada]
John McDonald [Canada]
Stéphane Ratté [Canada]

Peer reviewers 2018

We would like to acknowledge the contributions of all our peer reviewers who were involved in the assessment of protocols and reviews before publication. The following individuals have provided peer review in 2018:

Adam Farmer [UK]
Alan Moss [USA]
Amy Brown [USA]
Ari Grinspan [USA]
Benjamin Cohen [USA]
Brendan Boyle [USA]
Christopher Ma [Canada]
Cynthia Seow [Canada]
David Drobne [Slovenia]
David Keljo [USA]
David Sachar [USA]
Derek Jewell [UK]
Edward Barnes [USA]
Eric Manheimer [USA]
Ezra Steiger [USA]
Gauree Konijeti [USA]
Gebran Khneizer [USA]
Giuseppe Esposito [Italy]
Glen Doherty [Ireland]
Lynne McFarland [USA]
Margherita Cantorna [USA]
Maria Eugenicos [UK]
Maria O'Sullivan [Ireland]
Mohammad Abdollahi [Iran]
Monthira Maneerattanaporn [Thailand]
Muhammed Rafeeq [UK]
Nai Ming Lai [Malaysia]
Nilesh Lodhia [USA]
Philippe Marteau [France]
Rafeeq Muhammed [UK]
Ray Boyapati [Australia]
Robert Battat [Canada]
Sunanda Kane [USA]
Takayuki Yamamoto [Japan]
Termeh Feinberg [USA]
Timna Naftali [Israel]
Yago González Lama [Spain]
Yamazaki Hajime [Japan]

We also wish to acknowledge peer reviewers who have chosen to remain anonymous.